Holiday Cleaning Checklist: 7 tips to get your home clean for the holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, and it is time to get those jingle bells sparkling. If you’re in gridlock about where to begin, we can help! Clutter If you do nothing else, declutter your rooms for the holidays. That pile of shoes and magazines is far from festive, so make sure to put everything in […]

Quick Tips for Keeping Your Home Spiffy Between Professional Cleanings

Having a house spic and span is a fantastic feeling. Whether you plan to entertain guests, enjoy family time or just relax alone, a clean home is like a tonic. Studies show that people feel more relaxed when their environment is clean and neat. When you have your home thoroughly cleaned by a professional cleaning […]

5 Summer House Cleaning Tips

After spring cleaning, you might think that your major home cleaning days are behind you for a little while. But summertime brings its own set of cleaning challenges, from kids who are all of the sudden home all day, rather than in school, to unique spills and messes. Ice cream, anyone? To keep your home […]

When to Hire a Professional Cleaner

Hiring a professional cleaner may seem like a luxury, but there are great benefits to this and circumstances in which hiring a professional cleaner makes sense. There are also areas of your home that require special equipment or tools to get really clean. Instead of having to buy these tools and dedicate the time to […]

Commercial Cleaning Checklist: Here’s what areas to cover

 When it comes to a business, it is important to monitor the coming and going of all individuals. Your office or commercial establishment needs to be maintained, and maintenance needs to be completed as well. A business must always be inviting and presentable to the employees that work there. It is also important for a […]

Spring Cleaning Checklist – 25 Tasks to Cover

Time to pull out your spring cleaning checklist! Spring has arrived and it is the time of year that you are ready to clean! The weather warms up, the time changes, our energy increases and we are ready to do some spring cleaning. There is something particularly satisfying about a clean house, but not until […]

7 Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

  When it comes to cleaning your home, many of you have rituals. There’s specific days you clean specific rooms, do specific chores,  all because we have to plan our cleaning around our busy life. If anyone understands that, it’s you! Here at Blue Ribbon Cleaners, we understand this. Many of you don’t have time […]