Commercial Cleaning

Count on our professional commercial cleaning services

Window Cleaning

When you need janitorial services, look no further than Blue Ribbon’s commercial cleaning division. Get the same top-quality cleaning services from our specially -trained, uniformed maids that you have come to expect at home from our dedicated office cleaning company. We send our best technicians to your offices or commercial property on a regular or rotating schedule that meets your unique janitorial needs.

Whatever type of business you operate from your office or commercial property, that space gets a lot of traffic. Humans track in dirt, machines generate dust and mess, and the kind of traffic that signals business success generally just generates dust and dirt that wears on your space. The commercial cleaning services our technicians perform include window cleaning, carpet cleaning, vacuuming using HEPA filters, and desk and office furniture cleaning and polishing, and any service your business needs to look sparkling. Our most popular commercial cleaning services include:

Our Office Cleaning Guarantee

When our technicians clean your facilities they’ll use different cleaning materials for each office space to eliminate cross-contamination. Our technicians never simply move dust and dirt around, but rather use commercial vacuums to give your office a thorough clean. We schedule our technicians to regularly clean your office space according to the timing and specifications you choose. Blue Ribbon employees do not use high-pressure techniques or sell additional items at any time during our cleaning services.

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