Upholstery Cleaning

Deep fabric care and cleaning for all your soft furnishings

Upholstery CleaningNeed an upholstery cleaning company?  One of the many special service features of Blue Ribbon upholstery cleaning includes our specially-trained technicians whom we dispatch to your home or office to clean and renew upholstery. Our methods work flawlessly on any type of furniture in your living and working spaces. We apply tried and true cleaning methods customized to each type of fabric that provides gentle yet deep cleaning to couches, sitting chairs, and more. Whether it’s a red wine stain on your cushioned dining chair, the daily wear and tear of your pup who can’t stay off the sofa, or the unavoidable results of dust, pollen, and food crumbs that wreak havoc on upholstery over time, wear is inevitable. We will dispatch our trained technician to your home at the time you request who can bring out the just-bought beauty you remember. Whether your furniture in just one room or many rooms needs attention, our technicians are prepared for the job. We can do both:

  • Regular Upholstery Cleaning
  • Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Let our technician extend the life of your furniture with a deep clean that is safe and healthy for you, your children, and your pets.

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